What do women really want? And what would make them more inclined to sleep with me?
I believe I may have just provided an insight into the male psyche and a question blokes have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. And guess what dudes? I have the answer for you.
I know what you’re thinking, no this is not a hoax. There’s no weird cream for your genitals, a six-step payment system and there’s not even a manual to follow.
There’s one thing above all else that will make a woman want you. It’s simply a matter of lips — yours not hers (slow down champ). The sure fire way to get yourself laid? LEARN. TO. KISS.
Apologies for the anticlimax (which bad kissers would be well accustomed to) but since smooching is such a simple act, guys so often overlook its importance. This is where the male species go terribly wrong. Never, ever underestimate the power of a good pash.
Think of kissing as the preview to the main event, the entree before the main meal is served. If the soup comes out stone cold, a woman won’t stick around for the steak and don’t even think about asking her to taste your dessert after such a lacklustre introduction.
The level of a love interest’s kissing game can be an insight into how they perform in the sack, and in my experience is usually an accurate indicator.
Is his kiss timid and unsure? Passionate and intense? Soft and tender? Or is he smashing his teeth against yours slobbering like a doberman? You can be an expert at the vertical line dance, but kiss a woman like that and you’ll likely never get the chance to yee-hah cowboy!
Physiologically women take longer than men do to get going in the bedroom. Guys need to understand this and be patient. Don’t go in gung-ho and expect that she’ll be ready for the main event just because you are. Hold your horses … and your belt buckles. Guys and girls are built differently (that awkward ‘birds and the bees’ chat your Dad gave you ringing any bells now?) And for anybody out there who thinks ‘foreplay’ is a term used in theatre — think again, because sex without it is a totally different experience, especially for girls.
The simple truth is, it takes women longer to get turned on. This means foreplay can be essential for us to even get in a ‘let’s have sex’ headspace.

And let’s face it, it probably took Pacey a bit to get Joey in ‘that’ headspace in Dawson’s Creek. Source: News Limited

Often the best and most effective type of foreplay is kissing. Yep, locking lips actually has THAT effect on females! Depending on her mood, a decent hook-up can be all it takes to get into the groove. But don’t just take my word for it, science will back me in here: it’s all about the erogenous zones and your mouth is one of them.
Because of your gob’s high concentration of nerve endings, touch in the area feels more sensitive and therefore is a bigger turn on. The mouth is pretty much a road map to a happy ending, so you’d be silly not to follow it fellas.
Just like everything in life, there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ and so goes the way you kiss a woman. There’s different types of lip locking, each suitable on different occasions and purposes. A good kisser is able to adapt their style by sensing the mood. Being intuitive and knowing what a woman is looking for in a kiss, is just as important as the kiss itself.
Has she had a crappy day at work? Kiss her softly while holding her chin without much tongue. Have you spent a few days apart and missed her? Kiss her passionately while holding her body against your chest. Is she being playful? Kiss her bottom lip suggestively then give it a cheeky nibble. (Note: this move is for experienced kissers only, amateurs do NOT try this at home because it may end in tears and/or bite marks.)
Kissing is not just a phenomenon for teenagers and drunks on a nightclub dancefloor, it’s a way of communicating, a show of affection, but most importantly one huge ass turn on.

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