Source: Cosmopolitan

Stacey found this list of signs that you’re a bad friend. This is DEFINITELY NOT a list about Kristie Mercer, despite the similarities…

1. You consider watching the next ep of Game of Thrones when your friend’s party started over half an hour ago.

2. #sorrynotsorry is practically your life motto.

3. You literally NEVER commit to click ‘attending’ on events straight away.

4. When people are going through a breakup, you genuinely care for about 2 days, and then you DGAF.

5. You’ve lied to get out of parties more times than you can remember.

6. You’re notoriously TERRIBLE at keeping secrets.

7. You’re flaky AF.

8. You are absolutely ALWAYS late. When the choice was ‘straighten hair to perfection’ or ‘rock up the lunch bang on midday’, there was never really a question.

9. You’re crap at paying people back, or returning clothes you promised you’d return.

10. You’re last in your friend group to download Uber.