We put the question out there for all of our young friends (under 18).. What’re you REALLY doing on snapchat?

Here are some of the replies we got:


Toilet Selfies:


So many people came back with this one which is honestly surprising.. Corrina filled us in, “For me it’s just my closest girl mates sending snaps of them on the toilet!!, not showing any private parts but captioning it toilet selfies or turning the phone to show top of the toilet.”




Another one we’ve never heard of, Tiff told us: “Basically people (mainly girls) sending snaps saying “streak”, I have to say I am very guilty of that one”

Turns out that we’re talking about that little number that comes up when you snap someone every day. People are using this trick when you’ve got nothing to say but want to keep it going!




This snap from Emily is unfortunately something we expected, 15 year olds are on snapchat bragging about some of the things they’re getting up to with their friends.


The Dirty Kind:


This is what sparked the conversation, Kristie was talking to someone who’s high school aged daughter was caught snapping this sort of thing, and it spread around the entire school. From Maddie – “My friends are absolutely ridiculous. Getting dick pics from guys they don’t even know. And some girls and guys putting nudes on their stories. But it’s pretty normal for my age, I’m 16 and in year 10.”