Tove Lo is in town for the Arias and joined us to chat about texting friends, her real name, and a quiz that we came up with to figure out what ‘Cool Girl’ she is…scroll down to take the quiz for yourself!

1.)     Of the following which kind of style would best describe you?

a.       Slightly gangster, with a hint of high fashion

b.       Floral, cute and playful- anything pastel is for you

c.        Grungy, casual with jeans being your favourite

d.       Alternative, hippy and flowing is what you’re about

e.       You wear whatever the f you want

2.)     What is your preferred hair colour and style?

a.       Dark brown or black- braids are awesome

b.       Blonde, ginger or anything with soft curls

c.        Natural- don’t have time to bother with hair

d.       Light brown, with plats or waves- brights colours are fun

e.       Big hair, strong style, bold is best

3.)     Which bra would you prefer to wear?

a.       I wear a sports bra always

b.       Lacey bra’s are for me

c.        T-shirt bra!

d.       No bra- let it out, be comfy

e.       A bra? I’m wearing a latex body suit

4.)     Who is your favourite pop star of the following?

a.       Rihanna

b.       Taylor Swift

c.        Miley Cyrus

d.       Jack Johnson

e.       Beyonce

5.)     What is your favourite activity of the following?

a.       Playing sports, basketball is your thing

b.       Shopping and day spa- relaxing is deserved

c.        A book, the beach, talking shit with mates

d.       Writing some music, guitar, paper and pen

e.       Shut down a theme park and take all your friends

6.)     What is your perfect first date?

a.       A burger and beer, watching a game

b.       Romantic candlelit dinner

c.        Take away on the couch

d.       My favourite local restaurant, they know my regular order

e.       Exclusive dining at the city’s newest restaurant that hasn’t open yet

Mostly A’s: Ghetto cool girl

You’re the perfect combo between street and style and people which they could walk with the confidence you have with effortlessly getting everything right.

Mostly B’s: Girly cool girl

There’s nothing ditsy and daft about you, but you still own that adorable cuteness. People flock to you because you’re equally sweet, helpful and perfectly groomed

Mostly C’s: Zero fucks cool girl

Everyone wishes they could be you, because nothing phases you. Your cool, relaxed and care-free attitude is infectious.

Mostly D’s: Vintage cool girl

Easy going and adorably quirky, people are always commenting on the awesome finds you discover.

Mostly E’s: Slayer

You own at everything you do. The epitome of cool girl, no one thinks they’ll ever be able to compete with you