If you’ve got a bikini wax coming up in the next few days, you’ll definitely want to hear about these tips from an article we found on Well + Good.

1. Grow out your hair for four weeks

Yes, four. You shouldn’t come in for a wax unless it’s a quarter of an inch long.

2. Pop a Panadol before your appointment

It actually makes the skin less inflamed

3. Don’t go five days before your period

Your body will be more sensitive during your period, So if you want to avoid having a tampon string in full view of your waxer, It’s best to get your wax done outside of this time frame. Which, annoyingly, you’ll notice is about half the month. It’s called planning.

4. Exfoliate the night or morning before your wax

Using a sugar scrub will help remove dead skin cells is key to a clean wax and fewer ingrown hairs.

5. Work out before your wax, but not after

If you sweat on skin that’s freshly waxed in tight yoga pants, there’s no hair to absorb the sweat and the friction will cause irritation. It’s best to get up early and finish your workout before the appointment.

6. Get your wax at least three days before you chuck on your swimsuit

For seriously sensitive women, it can take this long for redness to go down. Salt water and chlorine can get into your open pores and cause more irritation if you get a bikini wax the day of.

7. Plan your wax-day outfit

If the aesthetician uses baby powder after your wax, some might find its way to your black top afterward, even if you lift it out of the way.

8. Do a sanitation check

If you walk into a place and your waxer doesn’t have gloves on, get out of there immediately! It’s okay to say you changed your mind and you don’t want to do it. While you’re getting your wax done, DON’T let them double dip the popsicle-stick-like spatula into a big cauldron of wax. (some places use a private batch of wax in a smaller container that’s exclusive to you; this is the only exception)

9. Know a few things about pain reduction

A good aesthetician will pull the skin taut right before waxing it and then press the waxed area firmly right after. These two things can make waxing much less painful, and a good aesthetician will do them for you. Also, take a deep breath—it helps in yoga, it will help here.

10. Practice waxing after-care

Aestheticians recommend witch hazel or other toning or exfoliating wipes if you tend to get ingrown hairs. If you need something to calm redness, Zinc-based diaper cream works wonders. Also, freshly waxed skin will be more sensitive to sun, since dead skin cells also come off

Stace has a suggestion if this level of preparation and maintenance isn’t for you… GROW A BUSH.

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