Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


Intense decisions relating to home and family may kick off the week with a stressful start. By later in the week, time with friends or activities you enjoy will bring back your bounce.


Your ruling planet, Venus, changes signs this week and enters your money zone. This is a once a year opportunity to boost your cash flow or treat yourself to some long-overdue luxuries.


Mercury, your patron planet enters larger than life Leo this week. If you’ve held back too long on something you’ve needed to tell someone, this phase promises progress.


Money may become a topic of conversation is busy Mercury moves through your cash flow zone. This week’s events may prompt bigger events for next month’s exciting eclipse.


Mercury enters your sign this week, signalling “Leo Season.” This is a huge time for you with an exciting eclipse coming up. Get your message out there.


Sweet Venus oozes a little honey into your career zone. A little effort can take you a long way to making a good impression. This is an ideal time to update your resume or network.


Your ruling planet changes signs this week and inspires you to study or travel. Making a good impression is important to you and updating your social media profiles is also highlighted.


Your career is about to undergo a major energy shift, starting with Mercury’s entrance this week. Don’t take for granted the power of networking, or speaking up about something important.


Venus enters your relationship zone this week, highlighting themes of love and romance. A little extra attention toward your loved one will give you lots of extra brownie points.


Are you paid what your worth? This will be a big question this week and a face-off between Mars and Pluto may inspire a decision about how you value yourself.


The season of fun and romance is here now that Venus moves into your social zone. Extra effort in your friendships or a current romance will bring you lots of happiness and joy.


You may enjoy some improvements around the home as Venus lights up your domestic scene. Some new funky furnishing or even an IT upgrade will help make your house a home.