A Scottish man was so disgusted by a woman’s choice in snack, that he decided to report it to police.

Jack Young, from Glasgow, was left “appalled” after spotting a bizarre combination of grated cheese and chocolate spread on toast. Eww.

Jack decided to tweet the images of the unusual snack to Police Scotland to see if they were aware of the ‘criminal’ creation.

In light of this story, Stacey and Kristie decided to create a list of their own.


1. People that squint in the sun but have sunnies on the head.

1. Child-Squinting

2. Socks and sandals – stop trying to bring it back.

2. socks and sandals

3. People that have “the real” at the beginning of your Insta handle. You’re not that famous that ppl would want to pretend to be a fake version of you.

3. instagram

4. People that tell you how busy they are more than once per convo. We’re all busy mate.

4.busy people

5. People that make status memes on FB

5. status meme

6. Hugging or kissing a work colleague when they get back from holidays. Don’t touch me.

6. awkward hugging

7. Leaving a spray tan on for more than 4 days. You look like an orange lizard.

7. orange tan

8.  Loud talkers on phones. Get some headphones we don’t all need to hear your conversation.

8. talking loud on phone

9. Bluetooth ear pieces. There is absolutely no need for these, we live in 2017.

9. bluetooth earpiece

10. People who follow then unfollow to get a follow. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR SHIT.

10. instagram follow and unfollow