Last night on the new reality show, Yummy Mummies, mummy-2-be Lorinska Merrington, found a $99,000 ring that she wanted as a ‘push present’.

Don’t lose your minds just yet because she didn’t actually get THAT ring… but for those who were concerned for her, she did get a ring just under that price.

“He [he husband] chose a different ring because he didn’t think it was symbolic of our relationship or our growing family,” Lorinska told the Thinkergirls on their fill in drive show on Monday. “It was a little bit less but roughly in the vicinity of that.”

Lorinska sees the push present as an investment for her child and apparently this is not uncommon, especially for the women from the show.

“We were all into it, but we all went down very different paths and things that we actually wanted or needed,” she said. “It really depends on what you like.”

While it all seems very exciting to get this pressie, of course, Lorinska said, the most important thing is having that gorgeous and healthy baby at the end of it.

“That’s just priceless,” she said.

Check out the full Lorinska chat below and see what OUR POSSE had to say:

“I had my second and last child 21 years ago (Happy 21st for Karly L Wood on 17 July!) I didn’t need a push present then and I wouldn’t need one now. Having a healthy baby is gift enough. Sounds corny, but oh so true!!!”

Kerry Jackson

“I told by husband he had to but me flowers 🌺. He did but tried to bargain with the florist to sell them to him for $15 instead of $20 the cheapskate 😂”

Haylee Bye Piu

“Most stupidest thing I have ever heard of. You don’t need a gift for having a baby. Your baby is the gift.”

Natasha Young

“Received a necklace but it was not regarded as a push present, but then again maybe it was as it was a present to say how amazing us queens are when it comes to pregnancy 😉”

Maree Hotchkiss

My dad brought my mum gifts for my younger siblings births and they are now 29, 27 & 25! It didn’t have a name like ‘push present’ but he wanted her to feel cherished and spoilt and show he was thankful! 💗