Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


This week may bring powerful outcomes following the weekends Full Moon. Any nasty political issues at work may be see for what they really are.


You’re gaining an improved sense of your own authenticity professionally. This week, you may realise you’re not prepared to put up with what you once did.


Real financial progress can be made due to the weekends Full Moon. Whether it’s spending or saving, you’ll gain powerful insight into make the most of your cash.


Intense feelings may bubble up to the surface this week in your most significant relationship. Whether painful or promising, face them head on to ensure your long-term happiness.


Time out from under the spotlight this week will help you plot and plan your fame and fortune. While things may seem dull on the surface, exciting developments are on their way.


Friendships and your social networks in real life or online are under the cosmic spotlight. Anything that was hidden last week, will be revealed this week.


Being honest and upfront about what you truly want is vital this week. Intense feelings that have been bubbling up will need to be addressed.


A turnaround in your direction is possible this week. A surprise decision may seem sudden or shocking but feels totally right for you.


What you own and what you owe will become blaringly obvious this week. Face your reality, positive or negative and make a proactive decision for the future.


A major relationship transformation is possible if you’re ready to face the feelings that hold you back. Let go of fear and embrace all that could be.


Time out the rest and reflect is needed now. You’re encouraged to purge or let go of old habits or ways of being that are preventing the future you deserve.


Your social life may undergo an overhaul as honest feelings may polarise certain aspects of your friendships. Be honest with your feelings as compromise is possible.