In 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his share of Apple for $A1050 just 12 Days after it was incorporated.

Now, those shares would be worth $A87 Billion.


Don’t worry, Ron claims he has no regrets selling his 10 per cent share back in the day.

“Do I regret selling my share of Apple? No, that has been my answer ever since day one and will be my answer until I die,” Wayne told Motherboard.

So who else missed out on  a massive fortune?

$35 Million Lottery Win

David and Edwina Nylan played the British “Christmas Euro Millions lottery” in Dec 2015.

The couple had been regular lottery players for years and bought their tickets on-line but this particular transaction didn’t go through because they didn’t have enough money in their account. After topping up, they tried again.

They used an app on his iPhone to generate the numbers 1,2,4,19,28 & 41 and it confirmed that when they tried again, they got the confirmation that the transaction had gone through.

Unfortunately for them, no such confirmation actually took place and they didn’t get the money…. Devo.

Don’t Say No To Facebook

Parents – the ones we trust for helpful advice.

Not for Joe Green…Joe Green’s Dad told Joe Green not to team up with Mark Zuckerberg. THE Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook.

Joe was nearly expelled from Harvard because of something he had done with Mark… so he thought his Dad could see something he couldn’t.

Boy was Daddy wrong….

Hello, Goodbye

Pete Best, a drummer back in the 60s, joined a club band for a series of tour dates in Germany.

After a few years, Pete was dismissed by the band’s manager when they started recording.

Pete was replaced by some dude called Ringo Starr…

Yup, the group was The Beatles and I guess you could say they went on to do pretty well…

Harry Potter And All Of The People Who Turned Down Harry Potter

J.K Rowling, has openly spoken about being rejected by publishing houses over and over again.

One publisher even warned her to get a day job, as there wasn’t “much money in children’s fiction”.

Joke was on them, because well. Harry Potter.

She is now worth tens of millions.