Turns out you are not allowed to move white goods onto a train in Queensland, even if it is outside of peak hour.

A couple of months ago, a would-be removalist in Brisbane had a right good crack at this feat and it did not end well for them.

Footage has been released of the guy moving the fridge and he was fined $252 for the effort.

So what other crazy fines are there?

You can be fined for speeding on a push bike. $252.00 for the trouble.

It’s illegal to be in possession of more than 50kg of potatoes in Western Australia.

It’s illegal offer a reward, no questions asked, for the return of stolen property in South Australia and Tasmania.

You can be fined $200 for touching electrical wires that cause your death.

It’s against the law to change your own light bulb in Victoria – doing so will attract a $10 fine.

It’s against the law to disrupt a wedding in South Australia…and some funerals too.

Do you know any other fines that shocked you because they existed??