Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?


Let your hair out and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Mars in Leo can bring out your sporty, active or social side. Say yes to anything that makes your soul sing.


You may be energised to add some luxurious touches to your home or office space. Try something bold or loud that will contrast your conservative style.


Weekends away or work-related travel is highlighted. Voicing your opinion on things also comes under focus. Don’t be afraid to step into the cosmic spotlight.


Hot and feisty Mars heats up your cash flow zone. A bold and confident attitude around money matters will help ensure you get what you deserve.


Confident and energetic Mars enters your sign, where he hasn’t been in two years. Your quiet time is over. Your time to shine is coming.


The pace begins to wind down a little bit. Time out to rest and rejuvenate is necessary. Take a much need break to help relax and unwind.


The nature of your friendships can catapult you into new directions. Opportunities with work colleagues or social circle and open up possibilities you’ve only imagined.


Your ruler Mars enters your career zone this week, helping you get decisive and driven about your work. A conversation may spark a positive outcome for the future.


Your thirst for knowledge and adventure is boosted with action planet Mars triggering your discovery zone. Overseas holidays or a field of study will satisfy your spirit.


A confident attitude combined with your resourcefulness can help you make progress with money. The steps you’re taking now will help cement your financial future.


Sexy Mars enters your relationship zone, ensuring the heat is turned up! Passion, friction and excitement will change the terrain from snore bore to exhilarating super-fast.


Fun and frivolity turns to hard work and diligence. Mars will set a punishing pace over the next 6 weeks where you can make firm progress on your special projects.