Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?

A once in every 12-year cycle of financial growth begins this week. Opportunities to expand your debt or savings can help grow your investments for the future.

A year-long growth and opportunity cycle relationship wise begins this week. To make the most of it, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone.

Life is about to get super hectic that will prime you for massive growth opportunities in a year’s time. Get organised now and make the most of your time.

Fun, playfulness and romance is the theme for your next massive cycle of growth, lasting a year. Children may also become a part of the picture.

Your home zone is about to expand and grow. Renovations, relocations or sharing your living space with new people are possible.

Study or short journey’s may become a primary focus of growth and opportunity for you over the next year. Weekend workshops, reading or catching up on podcasts will keep your mind motivated.

An exciting new cycle that can help boost your cash flow will begin this week, lasting for 13 months. Jupiter’s expansion may also encourage extra spending too!

Time to get a little selfish over the course of the next year and put your needs first. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, this once a decade chance is now.

Your ruling planet is about to shift into your most private zone for a year. Chill out where you can, and say no to anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Massive opportunities for good fortune and support are yours for the next year. Your hard work will begin to get noticed and you’ll be recognised and rewarded for it.

A once in a decade opportunity to grow professionally begins this week. The next year sees loads of possibilities for you to get your dream job.

Your ruling planet moves into your dream zone for the next year. Bucket list items, further study and travel will help keep you inspired.