On EP 02: of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia chat to inspiring chickadee actor / writer / producer Jess Harris.

Jess chats to us her new web series called ‘Wine’ – a bottle shared is a problem halved. It is LYF! You can watch it here. She shares how the whole project came about in the best way possible with her new BFF (12:06) Why the fk women feel the need to have permission to ‘get a bottle’ when out for drinks with a gf when men never do (12:48) WTF does Saturn Returns actually mean? White Oprah aka. Stacey June explains (17:29) Jess shares how full on her 28th year was and how 28 is a super transitional year full of change (17:58) Kristie shares how things can be really hard but really good as she approaches her first Birthday single (19:38) Jess shares how vulnerable it is to say out loud ‘I want to get married’ as a single chick (21:44) Stace shares how glad she is to have decided to be getting married for the love it brings to everybody around her (23:50) but it’s easy not to get carried away with the wedding (26:07).

Speaking of, if you missed EP01 (it was only yesty bro) Stace’s insanely intimate proposal story here.

This aint’ the first time we’ve had Jess Harris come and play with us! She hung out on a past OLDIE EP here where we spoke about the dating scene being a jungle for single chicks, how masturbation could be damaging your sex life & how connected our physical and emotions are.

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