On EP11: The Thinkergirls Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia, catch up for their weekly chinwag and chat relationships being our biggest mirror and not having any male friends.

Stace is still thinking about something Melissa Ambrosini said on EP 09 of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel (which you can listen to for context HERE – that your relationship is your biggest mirror where your partner shows you back the behaviour you most need to work on (4:37) Stace shares that she’s never had enough love in past relationships to ‘mirror’ (8:45) Polarity in us as individuals and in relationships & how the balance between all three can be different  (10:29) What are Stace & Ben both mirroring back to each other right now that they each need to work on? (12:07) Relationships are TOUGH. Even the ones that look good on Insta & it’s important to share that its not all pretty (16:55) Kristie has made a realisation…she has no male friends *sadface* (22:11) and she thinks she knows the reason why (23.37) Does this mean Kristie is always looking for sexual attention from males? (25:51) Especially since becoming single she’s craving solid men in her life (28:37) The different ways male and female friends react to finding out you’ve met someone (21:35) Can you have a totally plutonic friendship with someone but still be sexually attracted to them? (34:40)

Book mentioned – ‘The Course of Love’ by Alain de Botton

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