best online stores in australia for car wheels

While this topic may be relatively self-explanatory, a lack of information could end up leaving you with a less than an optimal product. If you search online for “car wheels,” you’ll find each store offers different sizes and types, which will help your decision process if you know what to look for or need beforehand. The following is a list of the six best online stores in Australia for car wheels:



The Wheel Warehouse is one of the biggest online suppliers of aftermarket alloy and steel wheels in Australia and New Zealand. They offer top brands such as Enkei, HRE, BBS, and many more at competitive prices, including free shipping on orders over $1000.



Wheeldude is Australia’s leading supplier of alloy wheels for cars, 4WD vehicles, and trucks. They have all the brands you love at great prices, with shipping available to any location in Australia. Wheeldude also offers free fitting kits on selected makes and models, which come in handy if you’re looking to upgrade your car but don’t want to hassle with tire shops or mechanics that may not know what they are doing when it comes to matching your new wheels with the right tires. Also, be sure to check out their “Sale” section for big discounts on popular products.



Upgrading your car’s rims can give it an entirely new look while also increasing its performance by reducing the weight of the overall wheel-and-tire package – especially if you purchase alloy wheels instead of steel ones like most cars come with out of the factory. Upmpg is one of Australia’s top online stores for all things automotive; they provide great deals on alloy and other aftermarket wheels, tires, exhaust systems, filters, oil, air intakes etc., so check them out.


Abs Wheels are known worldwide for their attention to detail in manufacturing custom wheels that boast unique designs and unmatched quality. Not only does Abs Wheels manufacture wheels for all sorts of vehicles, but you can also get your car’s factory original rims remanufactured to look just like new!.



Buy Wheels from Autocraze Australia is one largest online retailers for alloy, steel, and other aftermarket wheels. They provide free shipping on total purchases over $100 while offering fully guaranteed products that come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and material failure (custom-made products excluded). JustWheels offers a 36-month installment plan that lets customers make monthly payments on their order until it is completely paid off, plus they offer complimentary valve stem caps, chrome lug nuts, and chrome valve stems with each order.



Rims Online is Australia’s top seller of discount alloy wheels, supplying various styles including mesh, billet, split-spoke, multi-piece, and more in every size you can imagine. Prices are discounted up to 60% off retail, so check them out if you’re looking for cheap rims in Australia. They also offer speedy shipping along with a no-hassle returns policy on all products sold. Unfortunately, they only ship to locations within Sydney.

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