Men And Women Approach People Differently + Backing Yourself When You’re In Uncharted Territory

On EP 143 of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia have their weekly chinwag to discuss how Kristie has noticed the differences in the way men and women approach musicians and DJ’s and now that Stace is trying for a baby again she’s had to really back herself and follow her intuition in an area she’s far from an expert in.

3:15 – After only 4.5 months of gigging, music and performing feels like such a permanent part of Kristie’s life.

5:47 – Kristie’s fave part of her gigs is the breaks she gets to take between sets, because she gets to people watch.

7:08 – Gigging with DJ’s now, Kristie has noticed the way girls interact with them.

10:40 – Guys are the EXACT opposite of girls in how they approach a performer.

13:38 – Does the atmosphere of a club/bar/pub promote men putting down women?

17:43 – Stace is trying to fall pregnant again, and is doing so via I.U.I. through the public system.

20:45 – In a medical environment, Stace is far from an expert, so she’s had to really be conscious of backing herself and following her intuition.

24:13 – The medical industry is rooted in fear. We give birth in hospitals because we’re scared of the what ifs.

25:49 – Stace is angry at the fact that she can’t just fall pregnant naturally, but instead needs to talk to multiple doctors and work really hard to stay motivated to follow your gut.

28:48 – Stace needs to get an implant the HOUR she ovulates for the best chance of falling pregnant.

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Kristie mentioned an old podcast episode about death… turns out she was remembering an old radio show segment. Sorry posse! We wish we had the audio for you!

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