Tips to Installing curtains

Nobody likes to have the inside of their house visible from the outside, especially when it comes to bedrooms, etc. A classic option to cover windows for privacy is to install curtains houses, but what if curtains are not your thing and you prefer a naturalistic and designer style? Also, curtains can be a bit pricey and you may not have enough budget to pay for the cost of the curtains. What options are there to cover your windows without curtains for the privacy you want?


Here are some ideas you can use to cover those windows and keep your privacy.



Plants – Plants and windows go hand in hand, so placing a few tall potted plants near the window (or on the windowsill) is an ideal solution. You can still look outside, but plants block a stranger’s view. You can also use plants to give the room a beautiful, natural look.

Faux Stained Glass – Covering your windows with faux stained glass can add an explosion of color to your home and keep your privacy.

Gallery glass: Gallery glass is very easy to use because it is in liquid form. After drying, it becomes opaque and blurs the view, but still lets some natural light into the room.

Frosted Glass: Frosted glass can be made with stickers or caustic cream (using caustic cream is more of a home improvement). This completely blocks your view and gives you the privacy you need. You can also glaze in strips or just in the middle of the window, just enough to protect your privacy and still allow a view of the outside.

Placement of household items: Placing artwork or a chalkboard in front of the window is a simple and easy way to protect your privacy.

Colored Bottles – Placing a collection of colored bottles against a window creates a beautiful presentation and great design element for your home.

Shelves: If the windows are not that big, you can install shelves next to the window. This is a great way to control your privacy, as you can decide what to put on the shelves based on the level of privacy you want.

External Venetian Blinds – Protecting Your Privacy Doesn’t Have To Be An Inside Job! Installing exterior blinds is also a good solution. They provide excellent privacy control and isolate the room. You can get wood, synthetic wood, aluminum or PVC shutters from any shutter and shutter supplier. The great thing about roller blinds is that they are very durable and last almost a lifetime, so they are well worth the cost to manufacture.

Blinds or curtains: Another option is to cover the windows with simple blinds or curtains. Shop curtains australia are relatively inexpensive and can be found at any good supplier of roller shutters and blinds. Blinds are very versatile, flexible and offer better lighting control and privacy. They are also very durable and easy to clean.

There are many things you can do to cover a window and have some privacy when you really want those creative juices to flow, and these options don’t have to cost you a lot of money. Adding a splash of color, or even displaying your kids’ art, is a great, inexpensive way to give viewers some privacy while brightening up your home at the same time.

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