Top Tips to Finding The Perfect Meeting Room (and Why It Matters)

Ambiance plays a significant role in a business meeting’s success as it leaves a lasting impression on a company’s customers, suppliers, and investors. 


Today, many small business owners are running their companies remotely (and they’re enjoying this style of working, as they are saving money on overhead and time on commuting).


However, face-to-face interaction still matters. Business owners who are not using a traditional office should never organise their meetings in a cafe, pub, or home. Holding a meeting in any of these places is unprofessional and can have a negative impact on the efficiency of the business meeting.  


Therefore, a meeting room in an absolute must for any business owner because:


  • Appearance matters in business – A professional room will make a good impression on those invited to participate in the meeting. 
  • They improve a business reputation – A modern meeting room will enhance brand perception and make a small business appear larger. 
  • They facilitate communication – During a business meeting, good communication is everything. A fully equipped meeting room offers support for effective communication (e.g., smart TVs are a must for SlideShare presentations).
  • They protect privacy – High-quality meeting rooms have a noise reduction system to ensure confidentiality and security and allow attendees to concentrate properly.   

6 Key Elements To Consider When Finding The Perfect Meeting Room


  • Size of the meeting room



The size of the meeting room matters. For example, a large conference room in a hotel is unsuitable for one-to-one or small meetings (because small meetings require a more intimate office space that enhances a sense of privacy). However, the room must be large enough to accommodate all meeting attendees.



  • Amenities included



Professional meeting rooms must be fully equipped and include amenities and services that facilitate communication and make everyone feel comfortable. The following amenities are a must-have for every meeting room:


  • High-speed Internet with reliable connectivity
  • Audiovisual equipment (e.g., smart TVs, video IP telephone, screens, projectors, whiteboards, etc.)
  • Printing and shredding facilities 
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and water
  • Ancillary spaces (e.g., reception area, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) 



  • Booking system & room availability 



A professional meeting room provider should allow business owners to easily book the room through a user-friendly online portal. Booking the room should not take more than a few minutes. In today’s business world, time matters. Therefore, no business owner wants to waste time with an inefficient booking system or a provider with low meeting room availability. 



  • Value for money



Rentable meeting rooms should be a cost-effective solution for business owners who are not using a traditional office. Therefore, they shouldn’t be expensive. For example, a professional, fully equipped Carlton meeting room starts from $29,95, which is more than affordable. Costly meeting rooms may not worth the price requested as most small business owners are looking to save their businesses’ money.   



  • Accessibility 



Finding a meeting room available 24/7 is not an easy task. However, some virtual office and meeting room providers offer their customers rooms that are available 24/7 and not only during business hours. This feature is essential for business owners who want to manage their work schedules as they want to, without limitations. 



  • Location



The perfect meeting room should be located at a prestigious address. A business owner who organises business meetings in a prestigious location has more chances to increase their company’s reputation. The ideal meeting space should be easy to find and accessible to everyone, with parking space and easy access to public transit. 


Conclusion – A professional meeting room is a critical key to a successful business meeting as it improves a company’s reputation and ensures flawless communication due to essential amenities.


In summary, the perfect meeting room should:


  • Have an appropriate size according to the number of meeting attendees
  • Include all the necessary amenities and services
  • Be easy to book (and the provider should make the rooms rapidly available)
  • Be cost-effective
  • Be accessible 24/7
  • Be located at a prestigious address


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