Vietnamese Takeaway At Firebird

Grill-driven Vietnamese powerhouse full of flame-licked flavours, Firebird has added a brand-new concept to its thriving South-East Asian restaurant lineup. Firebird, derived from a phoenix emerging from the ashes, has reshaped the city’s perception of Vietnamese cuisine. Firebird will bring the smoke and disco to the original Hanoi Hannah, which was established on hip hop and noodles in Vietnamese takeaway at Firebird. Everything has been touched by fire, coal, or lumber at some point in the cooking process, as was explained. Even fruits are charred before being used as cocktails and other beverage mixers.

On the Menu
The cuisine is excellent here at Firebird. Every meal is a unique combination of flavours and textures. Despite being a Hanoi Hannah offshoot, the Firebird does not serve pho or rice-paper rolls. Instead, chef Steven Ngo, who received his training at Long Chim under Thai authority David Thompson, has created Vietnamese and northern Thai-inspired dishes like flattened and grilled banh mi rolls with garlic oil and charred eggplant relish, broken rice clay pots, grilled pipis tossed in tamarind and burnt tomato broth, and wood-roasted citrus tarts.

It’s recommended to order their little dish, which is similar to a thin pizza. Excellent. They have a “fish of the day,” which is excellent, as is the cabbage, as well as the veg curry, all a must-try. The carpaccio, squid, and duck l’orange were all standouts as well.

Black-pepper crab tostadas, chargrilled hot-and-sour ox-tongue skewers, scotch quail eggs with salted-duck-egg relish, mashed eggplant with a creamy, smoky curry sauce, and barbecued corn with spring-onion oil are among the small meals on the menu.

Slow-roasted duck à l’orange, flavoured with Vietnamese five-spice, is a twist on the French duck à l’orange. A flaming baby bird also pays homage to the restaurant’s name: charcoal chicken with burnt-chili fish sauce and grilled half-lime to squeeze. To finish, get the tangy lemongrass-citrus tart with burnt orange slices on top.

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