What is a White Card in Australia?

When you are trying to get employment in Australia as a laborer or a construction worker, a white card is a mandatory requirement. A white card is a must in Australia when anyone wants to work in the industry of construction. This is true even if you are on a holiday visa and want to work on a construction site.


What is a white card?


A white card is a usual term for CPCCWhs1001 or construction industry work safety training course. Having a white card implies that you are an officially certified induction training construction course under a registered organization in Australia. A white card is essential for building work. This card is mandatory for workers who wish to do construction work. It is also termed an induction card for general construction.


As per the Practice code nationally for construction work induction, people requiring a white card involves:


  • Supervisors
  • Site managers
  • Tradespeople
  • Surveyors
  • Laborers
  • Operational zone of construction accessibility available people
  • Workers who have to visit operation zones of construction.


When is the white card invalid?


A white card can become invalid if the person holding it hasn’t done any construction work within 2 subsequent years or even more.


What is the time to obtain a white card within Australia?


The white card generally takes about 2-3 days or working days for the Australian post to deliver it to your address. Once all the required documents are in order, you can get your white card in about one week.


What does the white card course of training include?


A training course intended for the white card includes the safety needs in general for operations and site safety within Australia. Several worksites prefer offline course training rather than online for them to guarantee that the requirements are met properly. You will legally learn the needs and safety along with workplace health over a site of construction.

You will learn to:


  • Identify a hazard that can threaten the safety
  • Reporting a safety issue on a construction site
  • The measures that need to be taken to minimize the injury or accident risk
  • Appropriately respond to workplace safety and health incident
  • Videos and presentations are shown within the course
  • Participate in activities of the class.


At the finalization of the course, you will be evaluated through a test or assessment. This test should be passed to get your white card. Once you are done with the course, you are provided with white card training.




A white card is obtained after the statement of training which is given to permit you to begin working on a building site all through Australia right away. You are registered with Safe Work and then you are issued with a plastic white card to your address in 60 days.

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