Stace Debates The “Risky” Age To Have A Baby + Kristie’s Move Is Making Her Nostalgic

On EP 134 of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia have their weekly chinwag to discuss the “risky” age for women to have babies… does it even exist anymore? And Kristie is moving house and getting caught up in the nostalgia of packing.

5:35 – Stace’s bestie fell pregnant around the same time as her miscarriage.

8:18 – Why does the maternity / pregnancy / childbirth industry see women in their 30’s having babies as a risk?

9:30 – Has the “risky” age changed in the last few years?

12:44 – Women 35+ are referred to as having a “geriatric” pregnancy. WTF?!

14:13 – Do the statistics actually merit the fear surrounding them?

20:07 – Moving is such a stressful and emotional time.

21:23 – Kristie has every card from her birth to her 21st birthday.

22:40 – The last move for Kristie was really traumatic, so there are things she packed and brought to her new home that she maybe shouldn’t have.

25:46 – Kristie still has one of her ex’s tops…

28:06 – Kristie gets so emo around photos and memories. The nostalgia gets her.

30:02 – Kristie is very indecisive.

31:42 – Stace gives Kristie some advice on culling.

33:05 – Kristie is a beautiful, worn, op-shop dresser.

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