The 411 – What Happens When You Leave A Group Chat + Are Go Fund Me Pages Controversial When Made By A Celeb?

On EP 145 of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia have a touch base about what the rest of the world is talking about (provided it’s interesting!)… Stace wants to know what happens when you leave a group chat after seeing a SBS Feed video + Sarah Hyland has started a go fund me page to pay for her uncles emergency surgery, yet her net worth is in the millions…

2:59 – Do you die a friendship death when you leave a group chat?

5:14 – Kristie is a founding member of the Big Booty Bayside benches group chat which is why she’ll never leave.

8:48 – Stace’s family thinks it’s Kris KRINDLE not KRINGLE!

10:20 – Stace can’t leave her family group chat for fear of missing out even though she doesn’t care about the chat.

15:15 – Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is being called aggressive for the way she’s set up a go-fund me page.

18:28 – She earns $136,000 AUD per episode, so why is she asking for money?

22:04 – Sarah donated $1000, but her co-star Ariel donated more than double that.

24:57 – Stace shares the story of her mum and the time she wanted to start a go fund me.

27:24 – When you publicly ask for money, you’re giving people the right to decide if you’re worthy of their money.

The Feed – The Man Who Left The Group Chat. Watch HERE

Stace calls her dad after the group chat incident. Watch HERE

Whitney Houston Netflix Doco – Can I Be me. Watch HERE

EP 34: We’re Never Taught To ‘Receive’ + Supporting A Friend Lose A Loved One. Listen HERE

Sarah Hyland has removed the instagram post since this episode was recorded, so we cannot show you posse, sorry!

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