The Abundance Vs Lack Dating Theory + What Is Your Sex Life A Symbol Of?

On EP 146 of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia have their weekly chinwag to discuss the reality behind the abundance vs. lack dating theory and what does your sex life really symbolise?

7:26 – Cliché’s like “You’ll find him when you least expect it” are total bullshirt.

10:06 – Everyone has a different theory on when you’re going to meet someone.

12:10 – One day Kristie can be so ok in her singledom and the next she can be really struggling.

15:24 – The abundance vs. lack theory.

18:23 – Stace thinks her theory is the right one.

20:44 – People struggle to talk about their sex lives whilst they’re in a relationship, but are happy to discuss it when that relationship ends.

22:50 – When people say your sex life is symbolic of the relationship you’re in, they’re not exactly right. Stace thinks that your sex life can be a symbol of where YOU are individually.

25:17 – Can you be in a good relationship with bad sex or a bad relationship with good sex?

27:38 – Stace is fixated at the moment on knowing how much sex her friends are having.

29:23 – There is always a period when it’s shiny and new, and then there’s always a period when it’s not anymore.

32:39 – We think of sex as this miracle solution to connect two people, but we need to think of each person as having their own pleasure and needs, not two people sharing the same needs.

34:47 – In order to help her fertility treatments, Stace is encouraged to climax. But does she put that pressure on Ben or does she take care of it herself?

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